Cash Solutions, Inc.

Providing Memphis Factoring Is What We Do

The 21st Century is the Era of Service, and Cash Solutions, Inc. is Perfectly Positioned to Help You Meet the Growing Needs of Your Business.  
Satisfying customers all over the U.S. takes efficient, responsive professional services; here’s what we can do for you:
  • Provide Fast Approvals 
  • Provide Funding Not Offered by Traditional Financial Sources 

Advantages of Alternative Funding

Let Cash Solutions, Inc. Be Your #1 Source for Factoring. Ask About Funding Your Business in One of the Following Areas:

• Accounts Receivable Funding
 or (Accounts Receivable) Factoring
• Purchase Order Funding
• Contract Funding
• Accepting Credit Cards

• Private Mortgage Acquisition 

 Jumbo Note Purchase (Bank Held)

• Medical Receivables Funding

• Business Note Funding

• Merchant Cash Advance

So What Can Memphis Factoring Mean To Your Business?

       Cash is the Lifeblood of Business…If there’s no Cash, there’s No Business. In the Ideal Business World, Cash flows freely in the Money Pipeline, which runs between Your Customers and Your Business. In the Real World, however, Your Business may periodically feel the affects of Clogs that Block the Flow of Cash. Funding from Cash Solutions, Inc. Routes Cash around Clogs in the Money Pipeline, so Your Business Always has the Capital it Needs.
Ask Yourself how Often You Issue an Invoice for Services or Products Delivered to Your Customers and then have to Wait  30 to 60 Days or Longer, to be Paid? Unfortunately this happens all too often. This can leave a Business Short of the Money it needs to Stay on Top of Everyday Expenses.
Many in business are looking for small business loans, business credit, business credit loans, or other similar types of business finance or business lending from commercial lenders. However, when You Borrow Money to Meet Your Expenses, Your Business Incurs New Debt. This New Debt Increases Your Expenses by the Amount of the Interest Charged and Reduces the Bottom Line of Your Business. In addition, when seeking commercial finance from a Traditional Lending Source, Your Business Must Qualify for the Loan or Financing, which can be a Tedious Process.One Solution when Your Business is Short the Cash it Needs is Accounts Receivable Funding or Factoring. When You factor an invoice,  You Are Not Creating a business loan, so there is No Debt to Repay. Your Balance Sheet is More Attractive and Your Financial Position is Strengthened and You’ve Instantly Increased Your cash flow. Until about 20 Years Ago, only the Largest Companies in the U.S. would Qualify for Accounts Receivable Funding  or Factoring based on their Monthly Sales Volume of a Million Dollars or More. Over the last Two Decades, this Type of business funding has been made Available to even Small Businesses. This can Allow a Business to Grow Much More Rapidly.
 Accounts Receivable Funding (sometimes mistakenly called account receivables funding or account receivable funding) can provide working capital for a Business with Few Qualification Requirements. Accounts Receivable Funding can help a business meet Payroll, Increase Purchasing Power, and Improve Your Business Credit Rating. Accounts Receivable Funding can also Provide Cash for Marketing, Expansion of the Business, and for the Purchase of Equipment. Funding through Cash Solutions, Inc. can help eliminate Bankruptcies, Pay Back Taxes, and Much More.
Let Cash Solutions, Inc. show you how to factor your invoices and grow your business. Cash Solutions, Inc. can provide Factoring in Memphis and beyond. When You Partner with Cash Solutions, Inc. as Your business investors, You’re Making a Sound business investment. A capital investment by Cash Solutions, Inc. can fuel the growth of your business with new business capital. Whether you call it accounts receivable funding, factoring, a business line of credit, invoice factoring, asset finance, factoring invoices, small business financing, or business funding Contact Cash Solutions, Inc. for Assistance. So What is Factoring